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Mr. Imam “Bridge Builder” Rauf

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Mr. Imam Bridge Builder RaufImam Rauf said he hoped to build a bridge between communities, but he seems to have created deeper divisions. What is this “bridge” he wanted to build?

This has been a bad week for many. Leading up to today, I, like everyone, have only thought about the pain  and death and scars that 9/11 has left behind. This past Monday I buried a dear friend who was only 24 and still had his whole life ahead of him. A bad week indeed.

We have an Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf who just returned from a trip throughout the Middle East on our taxpayer dime (actually more like $16,000.00) who says he is “building bridges”, yet in reality he wants to build a mosque. Okay, so it is 2 blocks from Ground zero, who cares?

71% of the people in this country don’t want it there, but who cares? Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t care, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care, President Obama doesn’t care and the list of those that don’t care goes on. 71% of the population that do care evidently no longer matters, as long as those in power don’t.

Imam Rauf has been shown to have ties to extremists, but no one cares.

He stated to the Sydney Morning Herald “The US and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end”. He also said in that same interview “there was an endless supply of angry young Muslim rebels prepared to die for their cause and there was no sign of the attacks ending unless there was a fundamental change in the world.” And no one in the establishment cares.

What “fundamental change in the world” would that be,  Imam? A sharia-compliant, Islam-ruled world?

On September 30, 2001, just 19 days after 9/11, the “bridge building” Imam said that America was an accessory to the attacks during an interview with 60 Minutes. He actually stated “I wouldn't say that the United States deserved what happened," The Bridge maker elaborated, "but United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.” And yet, no one influential cares.

In 2005, Mr. Bridge Rauf had the audacity to say

“We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims. You may remember that the US-led sanctions against Iraq led to the death of over half a million Iraqi children.”

And yes, no one cares.

“Half a million Iraqi Children”? Where does that number come from Mr. Bridge builder, Al-Jazeera?

Then just days ago on Larry King live, while building more bridges like only this schmuck can, he says, “If we move from that location, the story will be the radicals have taken over the discourse, the headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack.”  He went on to build some more with “Our national security now hinges on how we negotiate this, how we speak about it.”

But the favorite statement of all has to be the main span of his bridge “Moving the project to another location would strengthen Islamist radicals' ability to recruit followers and will likely increase violence against Americans.”  Wow, really? And this, no one cares about either? Sounds to me like a backhanded threat of terrorism.

Mr. Golden Gate then told O'Brien “had I known [the controversy] would happen we certainly would never have done this." Asked if he meant he would not have picked the location, the bridgeman said, "we would not have done something that would create more divisiveness.”

Hmmm. I wonder how you could prove that, I mean really show that’s how you feel. I have a novel idea, make that same statement something like this “we would not have done something that would create more divisiveness and because of what has happened, in order to build bridges, we have decided to not build at Ground Zero”. But, then again that wouldn’t follow your ideology of Islamic dominance now would it?

That wouldn’t be building those bridges towards a Sharia complaint America as you stated you want in your own book “What's Right With Islam”-released in Malaysia as, “A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Da'wah From the Heart of America Post-9/11” would it? But, who cares?

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that so many would be so silent. When I first came back to the U.S. in 1981 and watched the chat rooms of Muslims in places like no one believed me when I warned them. Now, 30 years later, the things they used to say in private they are admitting in interviews and on stating openly on TV and you know what? No one cares.

Dearborn, Michigan has turned into Dearborn Arabia with people being arrested for, well, nothing except for WWC (Walking While Christian). This past week Pastor Mark Holick was arrested in Kansas when he visited the Wichita Islamic Society to speak about the gospel and to distribute religious tracts. But hey, no one cares.

Women are being beaten and killed here in America in so called “Honor Killings” while the murders plead Muslim and yep, you guessed it, no one cares.

Our current Administration has literally changed our National Security Strategy removing words such as “Radical Islam,”” terrorism” and “Jihadist” and even gone so far as to say “we are no longer at war with terrorists.” But, what the hell, no one cares.

We are truly at a turning point in this country, one that people much older than I have even said; they “have never seen anything like this before.” Do you care? Do you really care? Each and every week people on this website and others give hundreds if not thousands of examples of the truth about Islam and what have you done about it?

We still have a chance. Write, call and visit your Representatives, see if they care. If they don’t, fire them the next time they are up for election by voting them out. Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers and help put this country back to where it once was.

Alternatively, you could be silent and help build the real “bridge to nowhere”.

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  • Dexter Americus

    I care...DEEPLY

  • Gee Simone

    Thank you for posting this. We need to get more organized to fight this whole mess and vote out the traitors at the top, and keep spreading the word. Thanks.


  • Reese

    It's time to start asking those that wish to represent us, "Do you know what Shari-ah law, the Hadith, and taqiyya is?" "Do you find it acceptable that our courts are ruling using Sharia Law as a basis, rather than the Constitution?" And if they answer a vague response that shows they don't know anything of what they speak of, "What will you do to rectify your ignorance, and will you stand up with America and her Constitution before all else, as you will be sworn in before you are allowed to represent us?"

    Yes...I'm quite done with ignorant representatives that regurgitate old tired rhetoric, distortions, and don't represent.

  • Mary

    I thought your article hit it perfectly. I wonder on a daily basis WHEN America is gonna spit out the Political Correctness pill and wake up to the threat of Islam! Did anyone see the article in the New York Post I think it was about the fact that this Ground Zero Islamic project can NOT be a mosque and that it is something far more sinister in that it will basically be a "staging" center for their war on America and the infidels. I believe it is called a Rabat. I grew up near "Dearbornistan" and it is unreal what is going on in that town. Want to see what "Creeping Sharia" is...look no further. America and her principles are NOT able to coexist with Islam, plain and simple. Heard tonight on TV someone say, "These so called moderate muslims they speak of may be moderate in the muslim world but Americans would not accept their ideology as moderate but more radical. WAKE UP PEOPLE TO THIS THREAT!

  • ema

    The name of the game: INSENSITIVITY! It can't be too soon to vote out our "bi-partisan" elected officials! Let's get together and make some noise! Once the pols see that we put our votes to work and get them out of office, the sooner we get out of the mire that we're in.
    The planned mosque does not belong anywhere near Ground Zero! I intend to make my vote count in November and hopefully we all will show our support to protest not only the politicians, but this horrific idea of the mosque!
    I'm all for freedom of religion, but there's a point when we have to use some common sense!

  • Angie Cajka

    I Do many in my family are clueless...Been praying lots more for our country and Wisdom for our Leaders....the present administration seems to be void of this...therefore, Wisdom in our soon-to-be new administration!

  • Lisa VanderLest  - Geert

    There will come time when 'the people' will call them out. For now, unfortunately; all we do is share the horrors of sharia and the truth of the koran. If you believe whats in that book, you're not moderate. Maybe just too frightened to leave it. If you don't; then you're not muslim.We need to keep educating and electing people who do understand. the president supported his first cousin, odinga, even after he knew odinga signed an agreement to implement sharia law. Only someone who agreed with muslim beliefs or shared them would do that.

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