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One Nation under Allah

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One Nation under AllahSharia law is slowing infiltrating our country. We only need to look at Europe to see where we, as a country, are headed. As Americans, we are blessed to have the greatest Constitution ever written. “We the people” better use it or before to long, we will lose it.

When I returned to the United States in 1981, my biggest concern was that the terrorism I had witnessed in Israel would reach our shores before too long. I was called an alarmist and told by those “in the know” that America didn’t have terrorism. Off the cuff, my answer was, “Wait 10 years and remember the word Jihad.” Unfortunately, although my timing was off by two years, I was right. With all my concerns as to the future of this country, the one thing that truly never crossed my mind during my first few years was that America would have to worry about Sharia law.

The literal translation of Sharia is path, or path to water. “Šar?at All?h” (God’s Law), refers to the legal framework within which the public and private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islamic principles of jurisprudence. Sharia deals with all aspects of day-to-day life, from family, sexuality, hygiene, politics, economics, banking, business, contracts and social issues.

What is happening here is no different then what happened in Europe. Well, maybe a bit different, I think, because in Europe Sharia was creeping into the society and here it is steamrolling.

Kansas City International Airport recently constructed four foot-washing benches to accommodate a growing number of Muslim drivers who requested the facilities to prepare for daily Islamic prayer. The University of Michigan-Dearborn plans to spend $25,000 to construct two foot-washing stations at the University of Michigan at Dearborn while 18 other universities, including a number of public institutions, have installed foot-washing facilities in Michigan and other states. Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix added airport user fees to install two faucets located two feet above the ground to help Muslim taxi and limo drivers meet their religious needs. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Phoenix physician who serves as chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, summed up the issues of footbaths perfectly when he stated,

"Supreme Court cases have been heard on far less-obvious violations of our Establishment Clause. Many, if not most, American Muslims are currently well able to accommodate our own prayers and ablution to the spaces and facilities provided to all other faiths on public grounds without special accommodations. Islamists use the 'free exercise' clause when it suits them and then turn around and use tax monies in the name of Islam when it suits them. The foot bath marks the start down a slippery slope of preferential treatment of one religion over another, which is what the First Amendment was established to prevent. These baths exert a monetary cost upon publicly funded institutions which by our Constitution should not appease the financial demands of one faith group over another, every other faith group on campus should be demanding that they be provided equal funding and space – which basically demonstrates how outrageous these accommodations are."

But it doesn’t stop with foot baths. No, that is just the beginning of the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Sharia law has entered American businesses as well. Muslim taxi drivers nationwide are refusing to pick up people who are carrying alcohol or who have been drinking. Now, a new trend has started in Australia and I am sure before too long will be here as well: Some drivers are refusing to pick up blind fares citing that the Seeing Eye dogs are dirty.

Workers at Tyson Foods’ poultry processing plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee will no longer have a paid day off on Labor Day, but will instead take the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr in the fall. A July 2008 press release from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), said that a new contract at the Shelbyville facility “implements a new holiday to accommodate the … Muslim workers at the plant.” The union has also claimed that in addition to the observance of the Muslim holiday, "Two prayer rooms have been created to allow Muslim workers to pray twice a day and return to work without leaving the plant."

The nation’s second largest coffee chain, Caribou Coffee, was sold in December 2000 to Atlanta-based Crescent Capital, an investor backed by the First Islamic Investment Bank of Bahrain for $80 million. Okay, that’s fine, except now that the First Islamic Investment Bank owns 87.8 percent of Caribou, the public should be aware that among other things the First Islamic Investment Bank has the following philosophy: "Above all, ensuring that all activities conform to Islamic Sharia." One of the first things that Caribou Coffee changed was that they would no longer sell any items containing ham. What’s next, will the female staff be told they have to wear head scarfs as part of the company uniform?

Have you used Google lately? When you do a Google search, as you type in the words, the most searched items will automatically appear in the drop down box. Type in the words “Judaism is” or “Christianity is” and all the various possibilities appear, i.e., “Christianity is B.S.,” “not a religion,” “a lie,” “false,” “a cult,” “wrong.” Type in the word Islam and as soon as you type the “s” in the word “is,” the entire box will disappear. Google offers search suggestions for future tense as well. Ask "Christianity will" and Google suggests

“Christianity will end, it will disappear.”

Ask the same about Islam and Google notes that

"Islam will dominate the world," “take over the world,” “rule the world.”

According to Google, it is a “bug” that will soon be corrected. Now that it has been over two weeks, I find it hard to believe that the computer geeks at Google cannot figure this out.

Honor killings are common within Sharia law. No one knows just how many Muslim girls and women are murdered each year in the name of family "honor," since their deaths frequently go unreported and unpunished. The cases that do manage to make the news are horrendous. "Women and young girls are set ablaze, strangled, shot at, clubbed, stabbed, tortured, axed, or stoned to death," a United Nations report noted in 2004. "Their bodies are found mutilated with their throat slit, or they are chopped into pieces and thrown in a ditch." The United Nations estimates that as many as 5,000 women are murdered in such honor killings each year for offenses like immodesty or refusing an arranged marriage. But while honor killings may be more prevalent in the Middle East they are happening more and more often in America. In the Atlanta suburb of Jonesboro in July, 2008, a Pakistani immigrant strangled his 25-year-old daughter with a bungee cord because she was determined to end her arranged marriage and had gotten involved with a new man. In upstate New York a few weeks earlier, Waheed Allah Mohammad, an immigrant from Afghanistan, was charged with attempted murder after repeatedly stabbing his 19-year-old sister. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported that Mohammad was "infuriated because his younger sister was going to clubs, wearing immodest clothing, and planning to leave her family for a new life in New York City" – she was a "bad Muslim girl," he told sheriff's investigators. On New Year's Day, 2008 in Irving, Texas, the bullet-riddled bodies of the Said sisters – Sarah, 17, and Amina, 18 - were found in an abandoned taxi. Police issued an arrest warrant for their father, an Egyptian immigrant, Yaser Abdel Said, who had reportedly threatened to kill them upon learning that they had boyfriends. According to the Dallas Morning News, Yaser Said was given to "gun-waving rants about how Western culture was corrupting the chastity of his daughters."

Now that I have given only a few examples of what I could easily continue for several more pages, where will it end?

In my last article, I mentioned that political correctness was at the forefront of the Fort Hood terror attack, now the Pentagon has completed an 86-page report titled, "Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood." It amazes me as to how blatantly they ignore the obvious. Nowhere in 86 pages, nowhere, do the words "Muslim," "jihad," "Islam" or even "Islamist" appear. This political correctness does nothing more than roll out the red carpet for Sharia to enter our country. Enough is enough. If we do not start, and I mean yesterday, to educate people on the evils of Sharia, we will be living under its laws within our lifetime.

I must commend each and every one of you reading this. You have come to this website and probably visit others like it because you want to learn more about Sharia, jihad and the truth about radical Islam. But here is the problem as I see it, ignorance, plain and simple. So, what do we do about it?

Now I offer you a challenge: Tell someone. Educate someone. Whether it is your spouse, a friend or a co-worker, stand up and speak up for what you know is right. Call or write your representatives and tell those you educate to do the same – no, insist they do the same. This is still a battle of numbers, the more people we make aware of the truth about Sharia the more clout we have to fight the fight. The leaders of CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations) and other Muslim organizations have said they “will use our Constitution against us to instill Sharia law in America”, well, we damn well better use it first, before we lose it!

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  • Robin Dimaio  - Followers of the false Prophet

    Sharia doesn't pounces

  • Nola Lear  - Anger at our government leaders

    The ignorance of the government of the United States really scares me. The ignorance of our citizens scares me, also. I am angery :angry-red: at our government, especially President Obama, for the direction our country is headed!! "WE THE PEOPLE" need; no, MUST - get involved and VOTE out the leaders of this country that do not believe in our Constitution, truly do not believe in GOD, DO NOT want our country run by Islamic Sharia, and truly want to keep their Freedoms!!!!

  • Civilus Defendus  - We MUST Be Sharia-Free

    The theo-political doctrine of Islam makes the attainment of political objectives a religious duty. The political objective is to bring the entire world under the "divine" law of sharia; to eradicate man-made law. And according to Islam, sharia is applied to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

    Islam fully implemented under sharia law, consistent with the koran and sunnah, condemns freedom (of speech, religion, association, press, petition of government), forbids equality (between men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims) and denies traditional sovereignty (national boundaries based on language, culture and shared history). In sum, sharia violates our cultural values as well as our laws.

    Sharia is inconsistent and irreconcilably in conflict with the US Constitution and every state constitution, and will not simply be offensive to these United States, but be destructive of it.

    Sharia-Free America
    Sharia-Free West
    Sharia-Free World

  • Drusilla  - I so totally agree!

    As a Catholic, one of my greatest fears is that nice Catholic bishops will try to live in peace w/ those who only seek to enslave us. Sharia is inconsistent w/ life!

  • kope

    Please read my blog read how islam will win the
    clash of civilization.

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