In case anyone hasn't yet noticed, the Church Age has passed away. In its place, welcome to the New World Order, the last system before the big finish. It comes with a new, unGodly, hybrid religion, new national boundaries, if any, new economic system, and new political ruling class.

This is not a good thing. For Jews and Christians, especially, it's a really bad thing – the end of civil law based on the Ten Commandments. No more US Constitution. No more inalienable rights. The thought scares the heck out of me.

It hasn't all fallen into place yet, but it's inevitable. Everything is set up for it, and there are people working day and night to make it happen soon. But it's an incredibly complex undertaking, so what they thought would happen by 1984 is about 30 years late. Watching it happen in the US and other once-freedom loving places in the world is incredibly disturbing, and it's happening faster than we can keep up with.

Getting back to the Mojave Cross... that battle over the memorial is evidence that the Church Age is passing away. In a few short years, it will be gone. The institutions of America have been overrun by people who believe in everything but God – which is strange because America's population is still predominantly traditional Christian. The usurpers have infiltrated the power structure – the govt., courts, education and media. All overtaken by liberals and leftists who not only don't believe in God, they hate Him. The cross doesn't just stand for Christians, but Jews, and those who love America as she was constituted.

Liberal judges know they can actually change the law, not just apply it, and that they do. Although a monument has been standing peaceably and respectfully for decades, a few "offended" atheists find liberal judges who are offended too, and see things in the law that allow them to change its meaning.

Freedom of religion becomes freedom from religion. Strange how much difference there can be between two little words like "of" and "from." Christians in Canada are being prosecuted for saying things that offend "protected" groups of people, i.e., GLBT's. That's soon coming to America, since gravity makes things fall down and Canada is, after all, higher than us on the map.

The Supreme Court is now one liberal justice away from, as Obama declared, fundamentally transforming America. For a little while longer, defenders of the Mojave Cross have won the right to keep it there, but the atheists won't give up. Sooner or later, there will be no cross there, or anywhere the govt. touches.

If you believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or in the founding principles of the USA, a terrible time of suffering is coming for us. I'm frightened for my family's safety and well being. How will I take care of them?

The Bible tells us it's going to get very bad – the worst it's ever been on earth. It says many of us will be killed for our faith in what the Mojave Cross symbolizes, but it also tells us that the ultimate outcome will be very, very good – better than we can imagine. So while I'm scared out of my mind, I also know that, ultimately, the bad guys are going to lose everything, and the righteous shall inherit the earth. Mojave forever.