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How Far Have We Come?

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How Far Have We Come?

Now that it has been ten years since America suffered its most horrific day, have the changes to our nation really accomplished anything to keep us safer?

Sadly, this is an article that I'd rather not have to write. Having to think about all the things that have happened since the day our landscape was changed forever, is truly depressing.

I came back to the U.S. From Israel in 1981, long before most people had ever heard the words "Jihad", "Sharia" and for many, even the word "Islam".

During that same year while interviewing with FBI, the interviewer laughed at the objective on my resume;

Short term objective: to secure employment in law enforcement

Long term objective: to specialize in anti-terrorism

While laughing he said to me,

"This is America, we don't have terrorism!"

I told him to wait ten years and remember the word "Jihad".

I was only off by two years, not bad for off the top of my head, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was the first real Islamic terrorism to come to the shores of America.

It was obvious to me that sooner, rather than later, America would be just another statistic in the long list of countries to experience terrorism, but I had no idea that the scale of one planned attack would be so severe and devastating. Unfortunately, neither did those tasked with our National security.

Since 9/11/2001 I have written many an article and given many a lecture on our national security, creeping Sharia, terror cells within the U.S. and the overall politically correct climate that concerns all the afore mentioned.

What is most depressing is that we as a nation have not gone forward in combating any of these things; we have, if anything, gone backwards.

Week in and week out I write about anti-Semitism being on the rise not only here in America, but throughout the world while the Muslims scream they are the victims.

Yes, somehow, the Muslims are always the “victims” now; it probably would be a case where they scream “Islamophobia” such as in the recent case at the Playland Park in NY over a safety rule that prevented Muslim women from going on some of the rides while wearing their religious head scarves. Hello? Do we need to draw you a picture of what can happen if your head scarf gets hung up while on a ride such as a roller coaster?

Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East has been shunned by the current administration. Also, let’s not forget how Obama has told Israel they need to go back to the indefensible 1949 (not 1967) lines in order to appease the so called Palestinians.

The gaping hole known as our southern border that has become a free entrance to anyone wanting to do us harm with border patrol officials admitting that only one in five are caught.

A 2006 congressional report on border threats, "A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border", prepared by the House Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Investigations, indicated that illegals are coming in from Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen along with members of Hezbollah.

The mosque at Ground Zero is still a go; of course that is not its name. It will be known as the "Cordoba mosque", no, wait it changed to the "Cordoba house", no, wait it changed to a civic center, no a cultural center, no, it’s the "Park 51" now.

Sounds less intrusive that way and of course, it's much more PC to call it the Park 51 Cultural Center, than a mosque. After all, a mosque is where all 19 hijackers were indoctrinated and heard the Jihad rant of death to America.

Sharia courts have sprung up in Texas and Christians have been arrested in Dearborn, MI for... being Christians.

Many states have attempted to pass laws outlawing or banning the use of Sharia law when judges decide cases in their states, but of course as we all know Sharia can't happen here because it is incompatible with our Constitution.

However, for some reason, even though it can never ever happen here and Muslim organizations such as CAIR keep reassuring us of that, they file suit each and every time to make sure these laws never see the light of day.

Honor killings not only continue to happen, but are downgraded from first degree murder and yes, in one case even ruled a suicide. Darn that Fatima Abdullah for banging her head on a coffee table until she was dead.

A Muslim woman whowas raped, imprisoned, and assaulted by her Muslim husband had her case heard and decided upon in New Jersey Superior Court. The Judge who found the husband "not guilty" stated as follows,

“This court does not feel that, under the circumstances, that this defendant had a criminal desire to or intent to sexually assault or to sexually contact the plaintiff when he did. The court believes that he was operating under his belief that it is, as the husband, his desire to have sex when and whether he wanted to, was something that was consistent with his practices and it was something that was not prohibited.”

Luckily, this case was overturned by the appellate court, with the appellate court saying,

"…the Judge was mistaken".

Gee, ya think?

Currently there are at least 35 known camps in the U.S. that are actively teaching jihad ideology and paramilitary training, terror camps within our own borders. As noted in Erick Stakelbeck’s book “The Terrorist Next Door” page 71,

Muslims of America, according to a 2006 Department of Justice report, has some 3000 members nationwide and operates up to 35 such compounds in rural areas across 19 states, including Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Hundreds of mosques throughout the U.S. are teaching that same anti-American jihad ideology as documented throughout the entire book “Muslim Mafia” by Dave Gaubatz. Investigators worked undercover for two years, some of whom even worked within CAIR headquarters as interns to bring forth proof of what mosques and Muslim Organizations in the U.S. are accomplishing in their fight to Islamize America right under our politically correct noses.

What’s more is that the number of mosques in the U.S. has more than doubled in the last ten years. What exactly is being preached inside these buildings that are part of the “religion of peace”?

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has spent billions of dollars to create beautiful window dressings to make the flying public feel safe while in reality we are less safe than prior to 9/11 according to pilots as well as security experts. In an article also by Dave Gaubatz, titled “A Retired Airline Pilot Speaks Out on Airline Security,” a pilot interviewed stated,

“In reality, our airlines are not safer for our families. They are more vulnerable to attack and infiltration than prior to 9/11.”

"Enhanced pat downs" have done more for late night comedians than for the traveling public. Two weeks ago I flew out of LaGuardia airport in New York and went through nothing more than a basic metal detector, no pat down, no backscatter scanners, and no wand. On the other hand, people have accused TSA of molestation and sexual assault.

Recently an award winning chef admitted he had accidentally flown with four large knives in his carryon bag out of Chicago. In March TSA somehow missed a bag with three box cutters that fell out of a man’s carry on once he was on the plane and this past November, Adam Savage the host of Mythbusters reported that he accidentally managed to get 12 " razor blades through airport security. So much for that enhanced security.

In 2010 when Obama introduced his National Security Strategy the words “Radical Islam,”” terrorism” and “Jihadist” were removed from all national security documents and our administration said we are no longer at war with terrorists. John Brennan, the Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Assistant to the President stated,

“The President’s strategy is absolutely clear about the threat we face. Our enemy is not ‘terrorism’ because terrorism is but a tactic. Our enemy is not ‘terror’ because terror is a state of mind and as Americans we refuse to live in fear. Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenant of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children.”

Just after Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter, gunned down 13 fellow soldiers in cold blood while screaming “Allah Akbar” (14 actually died since 21 year old Francheska Velez was 3 months pregnant) President Obama was quicker to react to those calling the Foot Hood shooting terrorism than he is at picking up his golf clubs. He stated,

“We don't know all the answers yet and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.”

The warning signs were blatantly ignored due to fear of repercussions and not being politically correct as now admitted by many who knew Nidal Hassan and his radical Islamic views. The NY Daily News reported in January 2010,

A senior White House official likened the failure to connect the dots on Hasan's erratic behavior and affinity for radical Islam to the intelligence breakdowns that led to the Christmas Day underwear bomber incident over Detroit.

I have stated since 9/11 over and over again that “political correctness would be the death of America”, it certainly was partially responsible for those that died at Foot Hood.

The Obama administration has had almost more “Muslim Outreach Programs” than Obama has had vacations. During one such program the FBI allowed a known Hamas operative into a six week program that included tours of top-secret areas of our National Counterterrorism Center, after that came to light, the FBI attempted to deny it ever happened.

Political correctness has all but done away with the word "God", and Allah forbid you so much as even think about saying a prayer at the tenth anniversary 9/11 Memorial service.

The Ground Zero Cross may not be allowed at the Memorial/museum either as there is a lawsuit trying to keep it from being there as explained by the Washington Post,

The group actually claims that its members are experiencing “dyspepsia [upset stomach], symptoms of depression, headaches, anxiety, and mental pain and anguish,” not from the devastating destruction of life caused by the terrorists on 9/11, but as a “direct and proximate result of the unconstitutional existence of the cross.” That’s not a line from a blog post, a press release, or a fundraising letter; that is the actual legal argument presented by the American Atheists in their complaint.

Yes we have come a long, long way in the last ten years; it makes me wonder what our money ten years from now will have printed on it, perhaps, “One nation under Allah”?

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  • Reese

    Nothing like a summery of the past years, feels like it was just yesterday... Thank you, Gadi, guess it's way past time to pick up a blow horn and get louder.

  • cheryl

    what a phenomenal article -- thanks for taking the time to write it and i'll be sure to forward. wish more people understood all this !

  • Vin Ienco

    Another exceptional article !!

    Gadi Adelman continually produces 'must read; articles on antisemitism and the islaimification of the earth.

    he is truly in a class of his own and i am still waiting for his book !

  • EMA  - P.C.

    When, oh when, does our country wake up? Why do we continue to be P.C. in our actions and reactions? If, no, IF our "powers that be" took some lessons from Israeli security practices, we'd be a much safer nation and not looking over our shoulders constantly. We look, do not see, and do not pay adequate attention to those who would harm us. The constant practice of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS will be our downfall, folks. Once more, the cry of Wake Up America is issued from my lips.
    Watch that "mosque" in NY - a mere small walk from Ground Zero - wonderful things will happen there, and not for the American public! Be cautious and stop, for heaven's sake - political correctness!!!!

  • De  - some questions

    Mr. Gadi
    How many victims were killed in the events of 9 / 11 they are 2977 figures confirm the people. Of course they are innocent.
    Can you respond to me about some of the questions on my mind??
    -How many innocent people who were killed in Afghanistan??
    Because of your forecast that al-Qaeda is the cause of the attack.
    -How many innocent people who were killed in Iraq??
    due to Your faulty forecast that they have weapons of mass destruction there.
    -Are they were killed because they are Muslims??
    -Are all Muslims terrorists??
    -Does the Bible is recommended to kill Muslims??
    -Does the presence of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have so far spent on terrorism??
    -Why U.S. troops do not attack Iran, despite the existence of nuclear weapons there??
    -Is the killing of civilians in Palestine is to fight terrorism??
    -Is Islam a parallel to terrorism??
    -Why the number of converts to Islam in the United States increased after 9 / 11 attacks??
    -Are the American people, terror-loving so many converted to this religion??
    -Why the United States is working with the Arab and Islamic countries as long as they are the source of terrorism??
    -Why are there so many Christians living in more than 1400 years with the Muslims in the Middle East??
    -Are U.S. and Israeli warplanes have options to differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian at the launch of missiles in Iraq and Palestine??
    Do you have answers to my questions??

    Dear Gadi, terrorism is the magic word that comes out of the mouth of the U.S. government to get public support for its plans and objectives in the region.

  • Flyinldy  - De - some questions

    I cannot answer all your questions but I would like to offer some comments.

    1) Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks.
    2) I do not know how many innocent people were killed in Iraq. Do you know how many innocent people were killed by Saddam Hussain? He killed his own people, they are better off without him and his reign of terror.
    3) According to the Quran, by definition, all muslims are jihadists. Some are more radical than others.
    4) Muslims did not exist during Old Testament times. The New Testament is all about love and redemption, no muslims mentioned there either.
    5) I believe the number of muslim converts can be attributed to taqiyya and a form of brainwashing. American converts are not terror loving, they are told that Islam is a religion of peace, they don't learn the truth about jihad until they have been thoroughly indoctrinated.
    6) Here is a very short period of persecution of Christians in Islamic countries. ugust-29-october-3-2011/ This covers a period of less than 2 months. Christians want to teach muslims about Christianity and will pray for them. Muslims demand that Christians convert, pay a poll tax called the jizya as a reminder of their inferior status, or die. Do you call that peaceful?
    7) I think it would be rather difficult for a missile to tell the difference between muslims and Christians.

    I would like to offer you the following information.

    The Quran was written by 1 man claiming to have gotten the information from the angel Gabriel. Initially he thought he was mad and it was not until his wife assured him that he was not mad that he agreed. One book, one author, written over a period of less than 30 years in 2 cities of the same country.

    The Holy Bible contains 66 books, written by approximately 40 different writers, over 1600 years, on 3 different continents, in 3 different languages, on thousands of different subjects, yet with one central theme—God's redemption of mankind.

  • Lisa VanderLeest  - response to De

    t To the person making the comment in response to you article; please read the koran and the hadiths. then history. Islam is sworn to kill all non believers, in the end. As a women, why female genital mutilation that kills many women. why hanging people. Why stoning people. Why honor killings? Why have there been over a thousand terror attacks, killing thousands of civilians since 9/11?why do they say they will dominate the world? Why so many forced conversions? And why do they say they plan to destroy Israel and America? As for Palestinins, why do they use their children as shields and teach them to become suicide bombers? Why the slaughter of a thousand Christians in one sitting, burned and beaten to death? Why be headings? Why abduction and rape? Why child brides, rape and thighing?

  • Christine Lee  - Response to De

    Your comments, De, seem to imply that you think that 2977 people, an attack on our soil here in America does not justify our response to terrorism, directed at us from Muslims around the world.

    Apparently you don't think the first World Trade Center attack was something to care about, or the USS Cole attack, or the attack on our bases around the world matter.

    You ask useless and baseless questions about how many muslims have died at our hands. While ignoring that none would have to die if Muslims ended their jihad.

    In 620 AD Mohammad started his made-up belief system. By 650 AD he ordered his band of criminals to kill anyone who would not convert to his lifestyle. Killing in his name has occured since then. It's been estimated at 1.2 millin people have died at the hands of Muslims.

    This includes the Crusades where Muslims started their Jihad. Over 100,000 died as a result of their jihad then. Remember, Muslims started that war too. The Crusaders, taking 600 years, ended it.

    You can play a numbers game and some kind of gotcha game with us if you want. But the truth is that if you muslims would stop your war on everyone around you, the killing would end--forever.

    But, your god is satan, the Father of All Lies and he does have to carry out God's Will for end times like it or not. And you are working according to your god satan...I mean allah's plan.

    We in America fight our wars by rules of engagement. Our soldiers can't fire on an insurgent if the insurgant drops his weapon, runs down the street to pick up another weapon and fires on him. Or blows him to bits like a coward with an IED.

    Muslim terrorists TARGET and blow up schools and buses. Muslim terrorists target discos, dinners, hotels, and hospitals.

    No organized military force has ever done that, especially America.

    Muslims continue to bring their Jihad to everyone around them, and you ask us to justify how many innocents have died because we refuse to let you muslims to destroy our way of life.

    You ask us to justify the count when you can't even understand that God, the most high God has ordained and blessed Israel with a promise? "Will bless those that bless you, I will curse those that curse you." God Bless Israel!

    It's not going to happen. So, yeah Muslims have killed around 1.2 million innocents since Moohammid rolled off his rock one day and called himself a prophet of Satan...I mean Allah (the moon god of the Egyptians).

    Israel doesn't target civilians, but the fraud and bogus "nation" of Palestine does.

    By the way, what is Palistine's country of origin? That is what country did it start in? What city is it's founding city? What are their great cultural contributions to the world? What are their inventions? Two thousand years ago, who were their kings, Emperors? What is their currency, books? You got nothing. They have nothing before 1940 and the first leader of their pretend nation, Araphat.

    You try to make Palistine valid. It's one of the muslim greatest lies, as put by Wild Bill for America. They, like their nation of Islam, are a gross invention.

    "Troops don't attack Iran," Because unlike Jihadists, troops follow orders that are created by a plan of generals and signed off by the President. Troops don't just attack people like the palistinians do and like the Muslims do.

    Israel, they defend themselves. They're attacking no one and have given far and away too much to the fraud of Palistine.

    Americans are not occupiers in Afghanistan or Iraq. We are there under agreement, called the Status of Forces Agrement. We are invited guests of these nations. Trust me, as ingrateful as they are for the blood we shed on their soil, I'd be glad to see them come home.

    We are working with Arabic nations because some have allied with us as our friends. They don't want jihad and are moderates. We are not idescriminately killing muslims.

    In summary, if Muslims stop killling innocents and put down their weapons, there will be no more war. If we put down our weapons to defend ourselves, we will no longer have our country, lives, or freedoms.

  • De  - Jihad ,Quran

    "Jihad , Jihad ,Jihad" A Horrible word .
    ohhh..Muslims somewhere waiting to kill us.

    if Jihad is killing all non Islam believer ,
    -Why do Jews have lived with them in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Jordan until the birth of Israel??
    -Why there are more than 15% of citizens in Muslim countries are Christians??
    -Why did not they migrate if there is persecution against them??
    -Do you know why?? Because Islam and "Qur'an" asks Muslims to treat Jews and Christians like Muslims treat each other because the words of Jesus and Moses came from the same God that Muslims worship.
    In the Middle Ages in Europe, Jews were fleeing from the persecution of Christians and they went to Andalusia and lived with Muslims.
    -So what is the meaning of "Jihad"??
    Jihad meaning resistance not killing.
    Jihad is divided into 3 part:
    1- Jihad your soul.(Applying self-restraint).
    and this means leave all sins that can make God angry.
    2- Jihad for Dawa.
    and this means Muslims have argue the non Muslims by mental and logical words.
    and Allah says in Qur'an (Invite them to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for your Lord knows best, who have strayed from his path, and who receive guidance.

    126 And if you punish them, punish them no worse than they afflicted you: but if you show patience, that is the best for those who are patient.

    127 And be patient, for your patience is but from Allah; nor grieve over them: and distress not yourself because of their plots.

    128 For Allah is with those who restrain themselves, and those who do good.) Surat AL nahl (125-128)

    that is the real meaning of "Jihad"

    3rd kind of "Jihad" is "Jihad your armed enemies":

    this means if your enemies come with an army to fight you, you have to fight them and don't run away.
    If there is any persecution on Muslims should be defended by negotiation firstly and if they not stop, Muslims have to fight them.

    And there is rules that Mohamed learns Muslims to do in war :
    -don't kill boys.
    -don't kill women.
    -don't kill old men.
    -don't kill patients.
    -don't kill monks.
    -don't cut fruitful tree.
    -don't burn house or worship house.
    -Do not slaughter a cow or a camel except for eating.

    that is what the Islam teaching Muslims.

  • Anonymous

    De... Christians and Israeli people are or have fled for their lives from Egypt since its uprising. do you know why? We see them and hear them while they say with their own mouths that they plan to destroy us.

  • De

    give me logical words , what was prevent Muslims in Egypt to destroy Jews that was lived in Egypt from Moses era to 1948 ??
    Jews lived in Egypt more than 3000 years and Muslims came to Egypt from 1400 years.

    they lived together in the same place, they ate the same food , they learn in the same schools, There are more than one synagogue in Egypt , there are a place its name is avenue of Jews till now.

    Christians and Muslims live in the same building , may be beside each other ,they celebrate together in feasts and share greetings and gifts.
    this what i see by my eyes and do as a Muslim with my christian friends

  • De

    Flyinldy .. you said
    "I would like to offer you the following information.

    The Quran was written by 1 man claiming to have gotten the information from the angel Gabriel. Initially he thought he was mad and it was not until his wife assured him that he was not mad that he agreed. One book, one author, written over a period of less than 30 years in 2 cities of the same country.

    The Holy Bible contains 66 books, written by approximately 40 different writers, over 1600 years, on 3 different continents, in 3 different languages, on thousands of different subjects, yet with one central theme—God's redemption of mankind."

    this is your proof that is the Qur'an is wrong??

    let me ask.. Is this Bible belongs to God or belongs to the 40 writers whose came from everywhere with different cultures and languages??
    Is God need all these writers to send his words to people??
    Is God need all this time (1600 years) to create a book makes people worship him??
    If you believe in Moses, Moses didn't write the Bible.
    If you believe in Jesus, Jesus didn't write the Bible.
    So what do you Believe??

    Muslims believe that God sent his words on Moses ,Jesus,and Mohamed through Holy Spirit, "Jebriel"
    the Torah was sent on Moses to learn his people.

    Gospel was sent on Jesus to learn his people.

    Qur'an was sent on Mohamed to learn all people.

  • Diana Ffionmair Tosh Ferrazzan

    You asked -------> Let me ask.. "Is this Bible belongs to God or belongs to the 40 writers whose came from everywhere with different cultures and languages??" Allow ME to ask -------> "What other book is so unique in that it tells ONE STORY, beginning to end, and was written by people in different lands with little knowledge of the others? I'd say: There is no other. Why? It's DIVINE. Period.

  • RB  - Reply to De

    I can factually say, They lived 'quietly' together in Egypt clerics with media help go full speed "updating" Mohammed's ideas on how to read and follow thru on quranic writing.. which is subject to as many interpretations as there are christian denominations. It is obvious actions on the part of Muslims have changed since 9/11. It is much more forceful and not patient behavior coexisting as some would like to believe. Can you answer why many Muslim countries drive Jewish people out? Why also are Christians in these countries being attacked and leaving in huge numbers similare in size and inresponse only to previous Muslim moves in previous centuries? And why would quran says 'rocks cry out' exposing where Jewish people are if Mohammed wanted people to be patient and coexist? There are many many statements in this Quran that can be cherry-picked to appear peaceful when the overall message of quran is to seek out, dominate, convert, make to pay jizia tax or die. The divine message in the cohesive Bible is hope for all, not just for Mohammed's crowd of believers. If you have read the Quran to the end you know what is in that book. I have. It appears to me the patience you talk about is only to calm yourself into believing something you hope MIGHT be true. Patience and hate are not of the same good spirit.

  • RB

    De-The Bible contains all the writings about Moses, Jesus and other people. It was written before the Quran. The Quran is one man's personal reflections and his own thoughts about the previously written or revealed Bible. Why should anyone believe what one person's reflections are, when the Bible is cohesive in it's own writing? The Bible states "Many will come in my Name saying they are a prophet or Messianic." It also says weigh them by their word or 'fruit'. What makes what one man says outweigh original words written about God and His prophetic statements which are coming true as we speak?

  • Ann  - De

    De, you have spoken enough that I believe you know the truth of the writings of your pedophile king. therefor, I believe that you agree with it and are following the 'teachings' to lie. But, the truth of that evil is being brought into the sunlight for everyone to see. What you believe is that your g-d wants his creation destroyed. Evil is cunning but, it is also stupid. I pray you leave the ways of blood and death. If you deny this, then disprove the teaching of conquest.

  • Flyinldy  - De

    De -

    Why would anyone trust the word of someone that questioned his own sanity?

    Why would the Holy Spirit inspire 40 authors with the same thread of love and redemption that runs through all 66 books and then over 600 years later contradict Himself with an entirely new message and give it to just one person?

    We are warned that many will come in His name and claim to be prophets.

    As RB pointed out, "God's prophetic statements are coming true as we speak"

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