Spot on...and we've been saying this for a week now...just because UBL is physically removed from the picture, does not mean we can relax and celebrate freedom from's not over by a long shot. Like him, love him, hate him whatever, GWB knew that terrorists were more than just Al-Qaeda, hence his statement, "Any government that supports, protects or harbours terrorists is complicit in the murder of the innocent and equally guilty of terrorist crimes." He recognized that terrorists are not just of one entity, and that it has multiple facades. NO, Brennan, the killing of UBL isn't like decapitating the snake, it's like slicing one had off of they Hydra, which will only reproduce twice as many heads. How ignorant, foolish, and dangerous that our chief counter-terrorism adviser is putting out the impression that all will be hunky-dory from here on out.

*sigh...Thank you Gadi, and yet again, folks look around you, it's far from over...and as pointed out in the article and on America Akbar, it IS happening here in America.