[Gadi Adelman is] "Leading in the movement in the study of counter-terrorism", Dr. Walid Phares, Advisor to the Anti-Terrorism Caucus in the US House of Representatives

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What Difference Does It Make? Arguably the most known statement by former Secretary of State and current Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is the statement she made during the Benghazi hearings in January 2013..
Leading from behind doesn’t work With the current situation in the world, now more than ever, the debate on United States national security should be front and center. Thanks to Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), it is.
Not If, But When Over 3 years ago I wrote about the TSA and called it “window dressing”, now on the heels of knives being allowed back on planes and a fake bomb making it through security, a former TSA agent has come forward and stated what I’ve known all along.
And I’m The “Islamaphobe” Over the years I have been called many things and received so many death threats I’ve stopped counting. I’ve written hundreds of articles with examples of ‘stealth Jihad’ and ‘creeping Sharia’ from our schools to our courts to so called ‘honor killings’ and yet most people refuse to even see it. Now it’s become a “standard curriculum” for our schools through CSCOPE.

America Akbar joins Blog Talk Radio!

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America Akbar Radio has joined Radio Jihad on Blog Talk Radio!

Radio Jihad is the lighthouse in the storm helping you to navigate and understand why Fundamentalist Political Islam wants to destroy our Constitution and replace it with Sharia/Islamic Law. Fundamental Islamists expertly and with military precision are executing a combination of peaceful and violent military tactics destroying our country from within in barely noticeable incremental steps. God Bless America and God Bless our Troops. America Akbar! on Blog Talk Radio Thursday 8-10PM (EST) Call in and let’s talk - (347) 857-1380

Listen to internet radio with RADIO JIHAD on Blog Talk Radio

Gadi Adelman Nominated for Prestigious International Journalism Prize!

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Gadi Adelman received an email yesterday from the Lorenzo Natali Prize Committee that he had been nominated for the 2010 Journalism prize for an article they saw in The Weekly Blitz. The Weekly Blitz, which is in Bangladesh, publishes Gadi's article each week in the only anti-Jihadist newspaper in the Muslim world.

The Lorenzo Natali Prize rewards journalists committed to Human Rights, Democracy and Development. Originally reserved for the printed and online press, the Lorenzo Natali Prize has opened in 2008 to radio and television journalists.

Created in 1992 by the European Commission to promote dedicated journalism of the highest quality, it was named after Lorenzo Natali for his dedication to his work as former vice-president of the European Commission, in charge of cooperation and development between 1985 and 1989.

To organize the Lorenzo Natali Prize, the European Commission works with some of the most prestigious world press associations:

In 2009 Lorenzo Natali Prize Edition had, once again, elicited noted interest: more than 1,000 journalists from more than 133 countries participated. The 15 award winners were selected by an independent jury, made up of NGO representatives, leading journalists, and news agency representatives.


Letter from the Mother of a NY firefighter

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Received this letter and had to share it.
This is in memoriam to George C. Cain.

rosemary cain

Rosemary Cain clutching a picture of her son, George Cain

Dear Mr. Adelman,

I just read your article and wanted to thank you for opposing the despicable plan to erect a mosque at the Sacred area of Ground Zero. Please keep up the information to as many people as you can and spread the word about these cowardly, murdering people.

Are you aware also, that they plan on having the opening of this mosque on the 10th Anniversary of the attacks?    If that isn't a deliberate, well planned slap in the face....nothing is.

Bad enough they pulled off their cowardly attacks, now we are letting them walk all over the graves of our loves one.

Right you are, Mr.Adelman, we've lost our minds, along with our freedoms and our way of life that we've know up to now, and we are laying out the red carpet for them threw it all.

Peace to you,

Rosemary Cain,

Mother of Firefighter George C. Cain, Ladder 7, 35 years old, died 9/11, Twin Towers


Gadi Adelman Gets His Own Radio Show!

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Starting Thursday, June 10th at 9PM eastern standard time Gadi will be on the radio!

Gadi had a been a guest on the Windows to Liberty Radio Network back on May 20th and had been asked by the producers after that interview if he would consider doing his own one hour weekly program.

Windows to Liberty is an established internet radio network with a large following and a large variety of programming. Please go to the Windows to Liberty website and look at the shows and and what they offer along with their sister network Woo TV.

This is an exciting and new venture as well as another way to get the word out and educate people about Islam.

Gadi has decided to name the one hour radio show "America Akbar", the translation of the Arabic word "Akbar" is great.

Using a twist on the screams of Jihadists, what could better than to call the show "America is great"?

Please be sure to tune in live for Gadi's first show Thursday night, June 10th at 9PM est. and each and every Thursday at 9PM!


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