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Illegal Migration Documentary: Southern Exposure

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Illegal Migration Documentary: Southern ExposureWhat is the real truth behind illegal immigration? After three years in the making, a new documentary exposes what politicians and mainstream media don’t want us to know.


Long before Arizona law SB1070 was even a thought, two individuals started to uncover the truth about illegal immigration. Three years and 120 hours of film later, film makers Stan Wald and Jerry Misner of Eyefull Video Productions have released the most comprehensive documentary to date on the illegal immigration problem.

I was fortunate enough to see this telling piece of work and I must admit, as one who tries to keep updated on aspects of national security; I was enlightened on several issues.

Southern Exposure lives up to its name by going behind the headlines and exposing a multitude of facts that unless you have worked with the Border Patrol or spent months on the Arizona/Mexico border with the Minuteman Civil Defense, I can guarantee you have not seen or heard.

After watching the 2 hour documentary I had the honor of speaking with both Stan and Jerry for an exclusive interview.

Gadi Adelman: “This was 3 years in the making; you actually started filming in November of 2007 and did not complete filming until August 2010. What possessed you to make this film in the first place?”

Stan Wald: “We started out filming Southern Exposure as two naive filmmakers seeking answers. What we found was the shocking truth...deception at the hands of our own government, aided by the main street media.”

Gadi Adelman: “I understand what you are saying, but that is because I saw the film. Let me play devil’s advocate here; that’s a heck of an accusation, “deception at the hands of our own government?”

Stan Wald: “Our lawmakers do not want to stop illegal immigration because it means votes and cheap labor. They now want amnesty to create a legal means where 20-30 million illegal aliens can vote for the party responsible for their newfound freedom...the Democrat Party.”

Gadi Adelman: “20-30 million is a much larger number than we hear about from the main stream media on a daily basis, but again, that is not only all explained in the movie, but it is backed up with facts as you watch the film. One of the many things that I found interesting was “Aztlan” and how those coming here illegally don’t want to assimilate, can you explain that briefly?”

Jerry Misner: “Make no mistake about it. The illegal population is not here to be a part of a great American melting pot. They are here to take over, and their leaders have explicitly said so. They want to establish a new country called Aztlan that would essentially cover the bulk of the U.S. Southwest.”
Gadi Adelman: “This documentary covers so many different areas, from both human and drug trafficking and cartel violence to the demographics and how it can and is affecting us here in the U.S.”

Jerry Misner: “Their takeover will most likely not happen with guns and bullets, but at the ballot box. Their birthrate is about three time that of white Americans, and they put it very simply: Our strength is in our numbers.”

Gadi Adelman: “Speaking of numbers…  You went beyond just interviewing former Border Patrol supervisors; you rode with the Border Patrol both day and night and learned about some astonishing numbers.”

Stan Wald: “The numbers don't lie. If Border Patrol in the Tucson Sector apprehends only one in four crossers, and in FY '08-'09 a total of 378,000 various illegal immigrants were captured, simple math tells us around a million people entered our country unscathed. This is just in the Tucson Sector alone.”

Gadi Adelman: “The other numbers that you uncovered were about the crimes being committed by illegals and I am not talking about simple drug possession or misdemeanors either.”

Jerry Misner: “If the danger to American society wasn't great enough from the financial strain caused by illegals through various welfare programs and government handouts, the crime they bring with them is legion. Illegals now account for nearly a third of the Federal prison population. And the crimes they commit are not garden variety. You're looking at murder, rape, child molestation and more. Hard core stuff.”

Gadi Adelman: “While watching the film I could see that you really did this from a perspective of both sides, you’re interviews give as much time to open-border advocates as to the Minuteman groups, but you came away with your own perspective after 3 years of research and filming, can you sum that up for me?”

Stan Wald: “There is an insidious agenda being promoted by open-border advocates, our government, and our media.”

I cannot do this film justice by a simple article, this is truly a must see film for each and every person that cares about their security, American or otherwise. The factual numbers of people coming across our southern border from countries that sponsor terrorism is astounding.

A few other scary facts are the resurgence of contagious diseases that were once all but gone from the U.S. that are coming back as well as the environmental devastation of the Sonoran Desert.

One item that I was personally unaware of until I saw Southern Exposure was the High School ethnic studies programs promoting hate and dissension in our public, tax payer funded schools.
This film somehow manages to pack a ton of imperative information in to two hours without ever losing your undivided attention. If you don’t find your jaw on the floor when this film ends you better check to make sure you still have a pulse.

A trailer of the movie can be viewed on WooTV, as well as a news item from Fox News featuring Jerry Misner and Stan Wald.

Others that have seen this documentary have come away with the same thoughts; Fox News called it an “important documentary.”

Author/blogger Dave Bertrand of Traffic Alert said, “I’ve reviewed the finished copy of this great documentary and have to say… It’s the best.”

Former State Director of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Arizona, Gene Cafarelli stated, “Southern Exposure is very well done. It tracks well, good photography and captures the situation in a fair manner.”

Managing Director, Carlos Alperin of Galloping Films in Australia called it “Very well done and provocative.”

Kazz Basma of Sideways Films in the U.K. said, “An absolutely fascinating series… Huge breadth, compelling and easy to watch.”

As Stan and Jerry explained, this is something that the main stream media has yet to air. Although they are currently working with television and cable companies from other countries, our media in their infinite wisdom has yet to air it.

This documentary pulls no punches and does have scenes of graphic violence, but therein lays the truth. You can get your own copy of the DVD by going to the website Southern Expose the Documentary and I cannot stress enough the importance of this, especially right now with all that is happening on our borders and the upcoming midterm elections less than 2 months away.

After speaking with Stan Wald and Jerry Misner I came away realizing that they are two of the most knowledgeable people I have ever spoken with on the subject of illegal immigration. Their knowledge and information will be available for all as they have agreed to be guests on my radio show “America Akbar” this Thursday, September 23 from 9-11pm eastern time. You can listen live to the interview by logging on to the Windows to Liberty Radio Network.




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  • Reese

    Sounds like there is far more than we ever could imagine going on...and to think we know an awful lot going on than our media is telling us. Looking forward to the radio guest show with Stan and Jerry...this will be a "don't miss" show. Will have to get the film as well!! Thank you again, Gadi.

  • Bobbie Mueller

    Thank you for your work in exposing the many issues surrounding the invasion of our borders. It scares me knowing what I already know from my work with the Texas Border Volunteers and connecting to websites of NumbersUSA and FAIR. I hope your documentary will be seen by those thousands unaware of the change of character in the illegals entering this country and the great numbers coming in. They are not anything close to those coming across in the 1940's, 50's and 60's.

  • Laura

    Please put me on your list. This is an excellent film and very true.

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