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Why Is This Islamist Group Still Legal In The USA?

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Why Is This Islamist Group Still Legal In The USA?Hizb ut-Tahrir was due to hold its second annual conference in Chicago on July 11, before the Marriott Hotel canceled the booking. Isn’t it about time they were just banned from the U.S. all together?

Why Is This Islamist Group Still Legal In The USA?


They have been banned by most countries in the Middle East. Even not so moderate countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and yes, even Pakistan. They are barred from Germany, all the former Soviet states in Central Asia, Russia and the Netherlands.

They came close to being banned in the UK in August 2005 when then-Prime Minister Tony Blair announced his intentions to ban the group.That was until threats of riots made him drop the idea. I am of course speaking of Hizb ut-Tahrir (the Party of Liberation).

Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) still operates freely here in the US and just last year held their first conference “The rise of Islam and the fall of Capitalism”in Chicago shortly after Obama became President. According to Bridgette Gabriel of ACT for America:

“The Islamic Party of Liberation focuses on recruiting boys between the ages of 8 and 18 years old to become suicide bombers and Jihadists to advance Islam throughout the world.”

HT has been linked to being responsible for terrorist acts or plots throughout the world including Germany, Uzbekistan, Israel, China, Central Asia and Russia just to name a few. The group which was founded in 1953 by Mohammed Taqiuddin al-Nabhani has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the world’s oldest Islamist organizations. Two close associates and mentors to Taqiuddinal-Nabhani's would themselves become senior figures in the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy.

HT hands out material and posts on their websites the call for the end of Democracy with it being replaced by Sharia law. They have even called for death to anyone that leaves Islam and continue to do so as reported on July 1, 2010 by the Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) website:

“Human rights activists had been informing Chicago area hotels of Hizbut-Tahrir America’s decision last year to distribute pamphlets (pdf) calling for the “death penalty” for those who seek freedom of religion to leave Islam. At Hizb ut-Tahrir America’s July 19, 2009 event in Chicago, they distributed a pamphlet (page 62) that supports killing those individuals who leave Islam as guilty of “treason and a political attack on the Khilafah.” The Hizb ut-Tahrir America website promoting this year’s conference in Chicago promotes links to the main Hizb ut-Tahrir website,, where this pamphlet is still distributed online by Hizb ut-Tahrir.

At the December 2009 event at the Lombard community center, Hizb ut-Tahrir America denounced democracy, denounced “the Kafir,” and urged Muslim attendees “do not take the Jews and Christians for your allies.”  HT also blamed U.S. President Obama as part of a plot to take over Muslim-majority nations.  Hizb ut-Tahrir rejects democracy because it “is the rule of people, for the people, by the people.” (page 24). Hizb ut-Tahrir has called for Muslims to boycott voting.

HT has had a history of seeking to promote a global Islamic caliphate government, in seeking to train teenagers for “jihad” (page 37), has reportedly been involved in threats against Jews, Hindus, and has reportedly threatened Muslim university officials.HT also rejects the “gender equality movement” for women’s rights, saying that women must pursue a global Islamic caliphate instead. British media have reported that intelligence sources state that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed spent time with Hizb ut-Tahrir, and that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was “former member of the Jordanian branch of Hizb.”

Muslim democratic leader Dr. Zuhdi Jasser has denounced Hizbut-Tahrir America as “a conveyor belt to terror,” but also stated that we “change the narrative and start to promote groups that are reformist,” and “prove how invalid their [HT's] ideas are…”  Dr. Jasser leads the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD).”

This year, HT was to hold their second conference on July 11, at the Chicago Marriott Oak Brook hotel. This year’s conference was titled “KHILAFAH CONFERENCE USA 2010 – Emerging World Order, Global Campaign for Khilafah (Caliphate). Watch the chilling video for this year’s conference here.

The Marriott, who I might add since 9/11, has been the victim of six terrorist strikes mounted by Al Qaeda and pro-Al Qaeda jihadi terroristorganizations has decided not to let Hizbut-Tahrir hold their conference in their hotel. Bravo Marriott for what I can only say given the past of your company and terrorism and HT’s past, is nothing more than common sense.

According to the HT website:

“Due to unavoidable circumstances, the date and the venue of the Khilafah Conference are being changed. We are currently in the final stages of finalizing the new date and venue. Given the significance of the fall of the Khilafah on 28 Rajab, 1342 Hijri, it is very important that the Khilafah Conference take place in Rajab or around it. The new date of the Khilafah Conference will be either Sunday, July 18, 2010 or Sunday, July 25, 2010. Please keep visiting for more details on the new date and venue of the Khilafah Conference. We will also provide more details on the circumstances leading to the change in date and venue.”

Family Security Matters editor Adrian Morgan did a four part series back in 2007 entitled: “Hizb ut-Tahrir: Banned Elsewhere But Not in the US: Why?” What Adrian wrote in the first paragraph sums it up well:

“It is difficult to believe that a group that threatens not only the Middle East but the West, too, should go without condemnation by the United States, as if it were the Girl Scouts.”

His articles on HT can be found here: Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

So, now for the obvious question… Why in the hell has this group Hizbut-Tahrir not yet been banned from the United States? They openly call for the death of anyone that wants to leave the Islamic faith, they recruit boys to become suicide bombers, they want to overthrow each and every country the world over to instill a “Global Caliphate”, they have been linked to acts of terrorism throughout the world and as if that were not enough, they have even been banned in many Arab countries for being to “extreme and radical”. But, of course with political correctness being shoved down our throats, we here in America see no problem with this group.

Do I really need to say it yet again? Hello? People… WAKE UP! This is not a group of peace loving people that will hold your hand and sing Kumbaya.

When I wrote “The Ultimate Word Game” back on April 12 and “If Our National Security Operation Doesn’t Shock Us Awake, Will Anything?” on June 1, I explained that PC has led our administration to remove words such as “Radical Islam”, “Terrorist” and “Islamic extremism”, just to name a few. I explained that by doing this it would not only be tying the hands of those in our administration that speak publicly such as WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, but more importantly the people that work behind the scenes – those who help to keep us safe such as the analysts and those in the field of the FBI, the CIA, and Homeland Security.

Now, how at this point can anyone recommend that a group such as Hizb ut-Tahrir be added to the State Departments list of Terror Organizations if we can’t even use the word “Terrorist”?

Recently, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, John Brennan, gave a speech at CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) in which he stated:

“The President’s strategy is absolutely clear about the threat we face.  Our enemy is not ‘terrorism’ because terrorism is but a tactic.  Our enemy is not ‘terror’ because terror is a state of mind and as Americans we refuse to live in fear.  Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenant of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children.”

I guess the State Department had better revise the name of the list of “Terrorist Organizations” to “Some really bad people” and maybe then we can add HT to the list.

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  • Chrissy

    Why would this be allowed here? I mean, I agree with freedom of speech, but hate speech is against the law.

  • Reese

    I know you'll keep us posted on how this goes.

  • EMA

    :angry-red: I'm angered that this particular group has not been totally outlawed here! What's up w/our "aware" people? Keep us posted, Gadi, and good work!

  • PatriotUSA  - One of many

    As HT is a particularly nasty and anti-semitic group, it is but one of many Islamic groups that should be banned, outlawed and shut down.
    This article should be posted as far and as wide as we can possibly get it out there. The work you do here is VITAL to the American people becoming educated and aware of the threats from Islam. One only has to look at the worthless people that obama, the first Muslim POTUS has placed into heading up key intelligence and security agencies, his neutering of our military through stupid ROE, banning the use of words like 'islamic or muslim terrorists or jihadists or jihad."
    Jihad is jihad it can be stealth, soft or hard jihad, but it is jihad. Call our enemies what they really are, give our military their balls and boobs back, quit catering to Islam, Muslims
    and really get serious in combating islamic, jihadist TERRORISM at all levels inside our country. This is an enormous task when one has a muslim in the White House who bows down to the pig king of Saudia Arabia. We have our work cut out for us. Thank you for all you do, Gadi!

  • Native Yooper  - Let'em get together

    Let then have their meeting.....Then when they are all in one place MOAB their arses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbwire  - Terrorism on the roll

    The terrorists on our soil contaminate it and HT is just one of the worst. Any organization that trains young people to do terrorism should be totally outlawed. Shows you how great our control is on immigration...we can't tell good from bad from indifferent anymore. Anyone is allowed to enter and do their dastardly deeds to bring down our country.

  • joecarrsr  - The Hotel Must have finally got the message and ca

    If the Marriott Hotel Management has the sense to cancel a conference of Radical Islamist then the Government of the United States should have the same sense. If the Islamist could have a conference in the U.S. then would not this open other conferences to the Mexican Mafia,the Drug cartels,the Drug runners and the Gun runners. They are in the same category.The Marriott Hotel that canceled this Islamist conference should be dedicated by the U.S. Government as heroes. They were brave enough to do what our Government will not do. That is Notice and call the Radicals and Terrorists for what they are. Enemies of the United States and will do us in by any means possible. Being friends does not even enter this equation.

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