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You're doin' fine, Oklahoma!

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Your doin' fine OklahomaOklahoma could be set to become the first state in the U.S. to ban Sharia law. In November voters can choose to amend the state Constitution, banning local courts from considering Sharia or foreign law in their rulings.

I haven’t been this excited since Golda Meir explained to the World “We don't thrive on military acts. We do them because we have to, and thank God we are efficient.”

Well, Oklahoma State Representative Rex Duncan, thank God, you too are efficient and doing what you have to. Rep. Duncan is the chief architect of proposed legislation that bans Sharia law in his state. He calls the proposed ban a necessary "preemptive strike" against Islamic law coming to Oklahoma.

I have often said and written that we only have to look at Europe or Britain to see where we as a country are headed if we don’t wake up and act. The photo above from the U.K. tells the story of Islam and Sharia.

As I have explained many times before in various articles, Sharia law allows the following (and this is just when it comes to women):

•    Obligatory female genital mutilation (FGM).
•    Requirement of women to obtain permission from husbands for daily freedoms, such as leaving the house unescorted by a male family member.
•    Beating of disobedient women and girls.
•    Compulsory acceptance of polygamy and forced child marriages.
•    Requirement of the testimony of four male Muslim witnesses (or eight women) to prove rape;
•    Stoning to death of adulteresses.

Luckily for the people of Oklahoma they have a man representing them like Rep. Rex Duncan. I had the pleasure of speaking with Rep. Duncan and I must say I was impressed. Not only is Rep. Duncan an attorney, but he has served 31 years in the Guard, Reserves and active duty. He volunteered for active duty following 9/11 and served 16 months as a Special Forces officer with the Special Operations Command-Central. His duty assignments included the Middle East and Horn of Africa. He currently serves as Commander of the 189th Regiment, Regional Training Institute in Oklahoma City with the rank of Colonel.

I asked Rep. Duncan what made him decide to write a ban on Sharia law given the fact that Oklahoma has so few Muslims – only 30,000 out of a population of 3.7 million - and thus the chance of Sharia law being applied there seems slim. He explained:

“It would have been a safe bet that Oklahoma would be the last State to enact this law, but if we waited until it was on our doorstep it would be too late.”

What even excites me more than this ban of Sharia law is the fact that Rep. Duncan shared with me that:

“Representatives from other states have been contacting me for the language we used and you will probably see this start to be adopted by other states as well.”

Here is what I love about this possible amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution; it would forbid judges from using international law as a basis for their decisions, including Sharia law.

The question on the ballot for the voters of Oklahoma will read something like this:

“This measure amends the State Constitution.  It would change a section that deals with the courts of this state.  It would make courts rely on federal and state laws when deciding cases.  It would forbid courts from looking at international law, or Sharia Law when deciding cases.

The actual wording that will appear on the ballot has yet to be written and is currently being crafted by the Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson (D). Yes, you read that correctly, A.G. Edmonson is a Democrat and is actually changing the wording to be more precise. Rep. Duncan explained that the

“wording on the state ballot would include the explanation of “law of nation” and “Islamic law” as well as “laws followed by Mohammed”.

The actual “legalese” for this law came from HJR1056 which states:

“The Courts provided for in subsection A of this section, when exercising their judicial authority, shall uphold and adhere to the law as provided in the United States Constitution, the Oklahoma Constitution, the United States Code, federal regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, established common law, the Oklahoma Statutes and rules promulgated pursuant thereto, and if necessary the law of another state of the United States provided the law of the other state does not include Sharia Law, in making judicial decisions.  The courts shall not look to the legal precepts of other nations or cultures.  Specifically, the courts shall not consider international law or Sharia Law.  The provisions of this subsection shall apply to all cases before the respective courts including, but not limited to, cases of first impression.”

What a novel idea, let’s use the laws and Constitution of the United States when deciding cases here in the U.S.! I have written about Sharia law many times before, specifically where I saw Sharia creeping in to our judicial system. In “How Do You Plead, Guilty or Not Guilty? ‘I Plead Muslim!’” I expressed my concerns of how Sharia law and the use of other culture’s beliefs were encroaching into our court system.

Although I feel it is overdue, in this case I can honestly say at least it’s not too late. My hat is off to Rep. Duncan. I can only hope and pray that other states follow suit. This is what I have been screaming, lecturing and writing about for far too long and I am so glad that someone finally gets it.

If  you care about this issue, your Congressmen need to hear from you. It’s a good idea to participate in the process of citizenship in a free country. This is the first step, a baby step towards running to the finish line which will be when our U.S. Congress and Senate enact a similar law nationally.

If you support a ban on Sharia (and other un-American laws) having influence in American courtrooms, you can show Rep. Rex Duncan that, no matter where you live in this great nation of ours you endorse his efforts. He can be contacted at his office (405 - 557-7344) or he can be emailed at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

During my conversation with Rep. Duncan we discussed the fact that Oklahoma is still a red state and that A.G. Edmondson is a Democrat. I stated to him: “This is not a partisan issue, it is an American issue.” Rep. Dugan agreed with my assessment 100%.

As the song “Oklahoma” so proudly proclaims: “You're doin' fine, Oklahoma!”

Comments (5)
  • Mike Bravo  - I hope OK sticks to their guns!

    This is a bold step and I congratulate OK for the stand they are taking! I pray they stay the course when the bashing that AZ is enjoying right now starts.......

  • Harold  - Can't wait

    Luckly I'll get to vote on this issue and it's great to see that as a State, we are actually leading in something. I just hope that Edmondson doesn't decide to act like a typical Dem like he did with HC.

  • Chrissy

    I never thought I would want to move to Oklahoma :0

  • EMA

    Well, if the Muslims don't move to OK, where will they start to infiltrate? WTG Oklahoma, but let's hope you're just in the forefront for other states to follow suit! :D

  • Reese

    Good deal, hope it becomes viral amongst the other states and we all ban Sharia.

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