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Ruben Israel, guest on 'America Akbar' Show!

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On the July 5, 2012 episode of 'America Akbar' Gadi had the opportunity to interview Ruben Israel. Ruben Israel is the leader of the group 'Bible Believers' from the video"American Muslims stone Christians in Dearborn", that video went viral with over a million views in less than a week. Gadi's article "Stoned Dearborn Christian Speaks" was an exclusive with Ruben breaking the news about the attempted murder of him and 8 members f his group 2 days later in Dearborn, MI. The second hour of the show was a return guest, Major Montgomery Granger, the author of "Saving Grace At Guantanamo Bay" with his story of being in Camp X-Ray months after 9/11 having to take care of the health of the 'detainees' or prisoners. This show is one of the best of 'America Akbar' and cannot be missed!