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Only Getting Worse

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Only Getting Worse

Week in and week out when it comes to Islam it’s just more of the same.  The old saying “same stuff, different day” really needs to be “much more of the same stuff, different day”.

Since returning to the United States in 1981 I’ve been attempting to educate people on the truth of Islam.  Over the years I have seen dozens of new people emerge writing about the same thing, and it is obviously helping.  There is no doubt that we are making headway and more people are aware of the threat of Islam.

It would seem to me that if more people have become educated and are aware of the situation things should be getting better rather than worse but sadly, that’s not the case. Day in and day out, if you read publications other than the mainstream media, it’s the same headlines, stories and news reports from all over the world. Islamic terrorism, honor killings, child brides, female genital mutilation and innocent people being murdered for no other reason than not being Islamic.

The so called “Arab Spring” has certainly made matters worse with the birth of new Islamic Republics that are demanding Sharia governments and laws.

Since 9/11 there has been 18,985 deadly attacks all carried out in the name of Islam and explicitly for Allah.

Just yesterday 15 people were killed and 38 wounded in two separate church bombings in Nigeria. Without a doubt this was the work of ‘Boko Haram’, the Al Qaeda linked group who refer to themselves as the “Nigerian Taliban”. The name ‘Boko Haram’ actually translates to “Western education is forbidden”.

Scene of the blast at one church

Over 2 years ago, in April 2010 I wrote an article “No Big Deal, Just Some People In Africa, Right?”, in which I explained that Christians were being killed by the hundreds for no reason other than because they were Christian, and yes, this was happening all in the name of Islam. Well this year alone there have been over 530 people, including women and children who have unfortunately become more of that statistic.

This week, like all others, we just see more of the same.

Another Israeli soldier was killed Friday morning when a terrorist from Gaza crossed the border in to Israel and opened fire on a group of soldiers. Staff-Sergeant Netanel Moshiashvili, a medic, was mortally wounded.

Eleven Lebanese girls, between six and eight years old, were all victimized by their 22 year old teacher. The sexual assault occurred at a school in Mount Lebanon. The teacher is said to have harassed the girls, forcing them to undergo nude photo sessions.  According to the Lebanese website Naharnet,

One six-year-old told her father that the teacher had instructed her “to lift her skirt before pressing himself up against her”.

A young mother was found guilty of adultery in Sudan and has been sentenced to death by stoning according to a report in the Guardian.

Intisar Sharif Abdallah was tried without access to a lawyer and is being detained with her four-month-old baby, according to Amnesty International.

Amnesty puts Abdallah's age at 20; Human Rights Watch says she may be under 18.

Abdallah admitted to the charges only after her brother reportedly beat her. The conviction was based solely rests on this testimony. The man held with her reportedly denied the charges and was released.

What a shocker, she had no right to an attorney, they beat a confession out of her, and the man who denied any wrong doing was released. Sharia and women’s rights hard at work once again.

Reuters reported that Brussels Police were attacked Thursday night after they arrested a Muslim woman for refusing to remove her face veil, the woman had scuffled with officers trying to arrest her at a bus stop and that a policewoman was injured.

“Finally, the woman's veil was removed and she was taken to hospital with mild concussion,” the police spokesman told Le Soir newspaper.

The woman's husband went to the police station later that day to complain, accompanied by about 20 others.

Protesters hurled bins and metal barriers at a Brussels police station, a spokesman for Brussels police stated “They tried to enter by force, but they were not able to, so instead they threw metal barriers and bins”.

For those who don’t recall, “Belgium and France both banned people from wearing full face veils in public last year.”

Iran is only upping its game of words now warning the United States not to resort to military action against it, saying on Saturday that US bases in the region were vulnerable to the Islamic Republic's missiles.  The Jerusalem Post article explains,

“The politicians and the military men of the United States are well aware of the fact that all of their bases (in the region) are within the range of Iran's missiles and in any case ... are highly vulnerable,” Press TV reported Brigadier-General Yahya Rahim Safavi as saying.

Safavi also warned that Iranian missiles could reach all parts of Israel.

Yes and they really are just using the nuclear power for “peaceful purposes”, why on earth would anyone not believe that after they outright threaten the US and Israel.

This article wouldn’t be complete without the story of the former associate professor at Sweden's medical institute. According to the UK Daily Mail,

A former associate professor at Sweden's prestigious Karolinska medical institute is being held in police custody for cutting off his wife's lips with a knife and then eating them in Stockholm.

Talk about “eating your words”. So what would make someone do this, yes, you guessed it, honor.

The man, who is 52, admitted to cutting off his wife's lips in a closed court hearing, the    paper reported, saying it was retaliation.

“It was honour related. He doesn't seem to regret a thing. He believes she insulted him,” a source with knowledge of the matter told the paper.

The man, who is from Iran, was doing post-Doctoral research at the institute in 2010.

So there is just very small sample of what goes on throughout the world week after week in the world of the “religion of peace”.

Yes, more people are aware, but even less seem to care. All we can do is educate, it is up to you the reader to pass it on further. Remember, we can still speak out about these atrocities, as long as we have lips.

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  • R.A.N.  - Historical Aspects of Cults

    It is time that we come to the heart of this matter of islam. Islam is a cult based on the writings of a man, nothing else. Throughout history men have sprung up to start a "new religion", or a "new revelation" of an existing religion. Many fade away once the leader passes, others continue to survive. However, in many of these cases, we do not tolerate them. Let us look to the historical records for a few examples: The Thugees of India were assassins who murdered over 2 million people in the name of Kali. They were pretty much eradicated by the British and India military. In more recent times, we have Jim Jones, who twisted the Christian religion to create a religion of socialism. In the end, he murdered 909 people in a single day. The world was horrified! Just because a group of people hold specific beliefs does not mean the rest of the world has to recognize or accept such beliefs; especially when they are in direct opposition to the laws of that country. Unfortunately the western governments have decided that it is their responsibility to protect religious beliefs, regardless of how destructive they are to the country, the people of the religion, and the citizens. What is the answer? The western governments must get out of the religion business and base their actions solely on the laws of the land without regard to political correctness. If a mosque is a threat to the citizens, the duty of the government is to protect the citizens NOT the so-called rights of the religion that poses the threat.

  • Reese

    :( Week in and out we talk about these issues on America I read your article today, heart just gets so heavy. I'll continue to share and inform, because I believe so much in standing up against these injustices because they are simply so very WRONG and I know what islam entails, and I will not now, nor ever, submit. Here's to hoping others are sharing and fighting the fight with us, we need all hands on deck more than ever.

  • Ann

    Everyone is waiting for 'someone else' to 'do something'. Like bringing Sharia law to our courts; in its entirety; which allows a summary judgement against those bringing the action. People consider that: 1. It is not happening to them. [affecting] 2. what they might say or do would not 'make a difference. 3. There are too many Islamists and they are too well organized to fight. And 4. the 'powers' of this government and structural organizations such as the courts and education 'in sinc' with islam.

    First; We need to change all of that by regaining our communities by city and state. Second; we need to consider what will happen if we don't

    Silence is acceptance.

  • Ann

    Reese, its like the string drawn back on a bow. It doesn't mean much to some people, until the decision is made that the time is right and the arrow is finally loosed. War creeps slowly. Can anyone see a way out without it?

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