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Beyond Stupid: Fort Hood Killings are “Workplace Violence”

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Beyond Stupid: Fort Hood Killings are “Workplace Violence”

The phrase “Stupid is as stupid does” was made famous in the 1994 movie ‘Forest Gump’. That term has never been more appropriate when an Islamist attack is called “workplace violence.”

I have been saying for years, I have been writing for years, that ‘political correctness’ would be the downfall of America and by the time it was finally realized… It would be too late.

Well my fellow Infidels, it has happened. Our administration, in what can only be called ‘a moment of clarity and genius’ has referred to the Fort Hood massacre as “Workplace Violence”.

Yes, while Major Nidal Hasan screamed “Allah Akbar” as he shot and killed 14 people in cold blood (14 actually died since 21 year old victim Francheska Velez was 3 months pregnant, making two lives in my book) and wounded 29 others, this act was nothing more than “Workplace Violence”.

Remember the term “Going Postal”? That was workplace violence, but then again, that term all but disappeared since it wasn’t ‘politically correct’.

So despite the fact that Major Nidal Hasan exchanged as many as 20 emails with Anwar Awlaki, had ‘SOA’, (Soldier Of Allah) on his business cards and Awlaki declared Hasan a hero, it was not terrorism.

Back in June of 2010 I wrote about this when Obama released his National Security Strategy. I explained then that by eliminating certain words from the administrations vocabulary it would lead to this very situation,

Removing words such as “Radical Islam,” “terrorism” and “Jihadist” from national security documents was bad enough; now we are saying we are no longer at war with terrorists. We hope terrorists get the memo.

In the article I quoted John Brennan, the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism who stated in a speech when speaking on the new National Security Strategy,

“The President’s strategy is absolutely clear about the threat we face.  Our enemy is not ‘terrorism’ because terrorism is but a tactic.  Our enemy is not ‘terror’ because terror is a state of mind and as Americans we refuse to live in fear.  Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenant of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children.”

We really shouldn’t be surprised that the Foot Hood Massacre would be classified as “Workplace Violence” when the Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Assistant to the President makes a statement like that.

This all actually goes back to August of 2010 when the Department of Defense released its report on the Fort Hood shooting, on page 4 of the 23 page report,

Recommendation 2.6 a,b: Update Polices To Address Workplace Violence

But even before the DOD report was the Pentagon report (Lessons from Fort Hood) of January 2010. I had written about that as well,

The 86 page report by the Pentagon never even mentions his motives even though he screamed “Allah Akbar” as he shot his fellow soldiers in cold blood. What’s more is that the words “Islam” or “Muslim” are never mentioned in 86 pages.  Not even once.

So why does it matter you may ask. As I have explained in the past, the importance of words goes far beyond the correct terms. By telling our Intel agencies and law enforcement people what words they can and cannot use creates a very dangerous situation.

Our law enforcement people know, understand and what’s more want to stop the threat of terrorism, I know this because I have lectured, taught and trained many of them. The problem is that the hands of our law enforcement people are the ones being handcuffed.

Imagine, as an Intel agent sitting down to write a report warning of a possible attack on one of our Military bases here in the U.S. This report would be for all law enforcement nationwide about an individual that has been emailing back and forth with someone in a terrorist organization. But, you are not allowed to use the words “Terrorist”, “Terror”, “Islam”, “Islamist”, “Radical”, “Jihad” or “Jihadist”. How can you even describe what may be without those words?

Terrorism became “Man-made catastrophe” which evidently has now become “Workplace Violence”.

Imagine how that warning would read,

We have Intel that a pending man-made workplace violent catastrophe may take place on a Military base here in the U.S.

We cannot elaborate as to the source other than to say some emails were received by an individual who may carry out this violence.

We cannot elaborate as to where the emails were sent from or who they were received by nor can we say what part of the world this threat stems from.

We cannot say if the individual that may carry out this violence is male or female, nor can we give you a description, age or ethnicity as that might lead to stereotyping.

But remember we here at Homeland Security are on top of it and warning you of all possible threats.

It sounds crazy, perhaps, but as I wrote back in August, 2010,

Now, we have the Obama administration, who in their infinite wisdom has removed each and every word from the National Security Strategy that in any way, shape or form refers to Islam. No longer will anyone that works for the Government be allowed to say, use or write “Islamic terrorist”, “Islamic extremist”, “Jihad”, “Jihadist”, “ Islamist”…  you get the point. I am sure the term “Muslim maniac” is out as well, even though that wasn’t specifically mentioned.

By not allowing our Intel and law enforcement to identify the enemy, there is no way to even begin to defend ourselves against it. Perhaps that is too much commonsense for our current administration, but it is a fact nonetheless.

The main problem now is the targeting of military personal and their families here in the U.S. The number of alleged plots targeting the military has grown significantly. There have been 33 plots against the U.S. military since Sept. 11, 2001, and 70 percent of those threats have been since mid-2009.

Just this past Wednesday during a joint Senate hearing in which the classification of “workplace violence” came up again, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) stated,

“Military communities in the U.S. have become the most desirable and vulnerable targets for the violent homegrown Islamist extremists seeking to kill Americans in their homeland.”

According to a report on Fox News,

Sen. Susan Collins on Wednesday blasted the Defense Department for classifying the Fort Hood massacre as workplace violence and suggested political correctness is being placed above the security of the nation's Armed Forces at home.

During a joint session of the Senate and House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday, the Maine Republican referenced a letter from the Defense Department depicting the Fort Hood shootings as workplace violence. She criticized the Obama administration for failing to identify the threat as radical Islam.

The article went on to quote Sen. Joe Lieberman,

The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Connecticut independent Sen. Joe Lieberman, said the military has become a "direct target of violent Islamist extremism" within the United States.

“The stark reality is that the American service member is increasingly in the terrorists' scope and not just overseas in a traditional war setting,” Lieberman told Fox News before the start of Wednesday's hearing.

Darius Long, the father of Army Pvt. William Andrew Long, who was shot and killed at an Arkansas military recruitment center in 2009 summed it up best in my opinion,

“My faith in government is diminished. It invents euphemisms ... Little Rock is a drive by and Fort Hood is just workplace violence. The truth is denied.”

Yes Mr. Long you are correct and if the Obama administration had its way, 9/11 would be labeled “vandalism”.

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  • Lech Dharma

    Historical revisionists at least wait a generation or two before they put a political spin to historical events. "Progressive" politicians and their media minions now use euphemistic language as a tool to spin the facts about events---and/or the actors---as they are happening, or shortly thereafter.

    My "favorite" examples of the "liberal-washing" of language is the use of the term "immigrant" to refer to ANY foreign-born person living in America, and the use of the term "undocumented worker" to refer to illegal aliens.

    Calling the islamic-jihad-inspired Ft Hood massacre---"workplace violence"---is like calling Hurricane Katrina "inclement weather."

  • Bill  - Very well said

    Just read this article, Beyond Stupid, Fort Hood Killings. Thank you for calling it like it is. I couldn't have said it better myself. Hang in there and keep up the good work.

  • Reese

    :( What more can I add? Political correctness is going to be the demise of America and our Constitution.

  • Gordon  - Politically Speaking

    :sleep: Will someone please turn the gas off at D.C....They are all asleep...This admistration has been taken over by "Islamist extremists seeking to kill Americans in their homeland.” they undermine everything we hold dear and allow the actual terrorists to walk the streets while we the American People have our RIGHTS TAKEN AWAY in an ever increasing ways. What will this Administration think of next to do AGAINST IT'S VERY OWN COUNTRYMEN (Political Correctness)for the women and children. Remember this folks when "VOTE 2012" happens next year!

  • EMA  - ....and they breed!

    Not only are we in constant danger from extremists (read Isalamaphobes), but we are in graver danger from our elected officials and the media!
    These extremists breed, vote, and infiltrate our very society and being "PC" surely erodes our way of life!
    I've voiced this before, WAKE UP America!
    Gadi - thanks once again for a very informative and well-written article. Keep up the good work - there are those out "here" who truly appreciate your words.

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