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Confronting Israel’s Enemies - It’s Long Past Due

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Confronting Israel’s Enemies - It’s Long Past Due

Rockets and mortars continue to rain down on Israel from both Gaza and Lebanon. At what point is enough, enough and what will happen when Israel finally takes off the gloves?

Your next door neighbor yells across the fence that he is going to kill you and your entire family; he says that your home and yard belong to him and he won’t stop until he has it all.

He starts an organization to remove you from the neighborhood and has websites calling for your death. The websites say your “home will remain until (he) eliminates it”. They read “There is no solution for the question of your home except through violent war. Initiatives, proposals and conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”

He shoots at you and your family each time you come and go and places bombs in your yard, targeting your family, your children. Now he is shooting homemade rockets over the fence whenever he wants. But there is no police in this neighborhood to rely on.

This is your home, your family; you would do whatever you could to do to protect yourself and your family. How long would you let this continue before you retaliate, before you just take off the gloves, cross over the fence and deal with this madman?

It sounds crazy, perhaps, but this is what Israel deals with day in and day out. The website quotes above come right out of the Hamas Charter,

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

“There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”

The so-called police in that neighborhood would be the United Nations. Their answer to this is simply “give him the land he wants and all the violence will stop, there will be peace”.

God forbid when you attempt to retaliate, when you only try and stop the rockets from being fired. Then the ‘police’ - the U.N. - tell you to show restraint and pass resolution after resolution against you.

Putting it in to a different perspective, I doubt that America would just sit idly by and allow Canada to shoot rocket after rocket into its cities, targeting its civilians, and not retaliate. I also doubt they would stand for terror acts committed in the U.S. from an organization based in Canada and rely solely upon ‘talking’ or attempting ‘diplomacy’ to resolve the issue.  No, the U.S. would fly over and just carpet bomb the whole area in question.

For that matter, what sovereign nation would continue to show restraint against any country shooting thousands of rockets, kidnapping and killing their soldiers and civilians before they would call it what it is, war? And then, act on that aggression by allowing their military to put a stop to it once and for all?

What people of any nation would allow such acts to continue day after day with their children being bombed while they sit in their classrooms before they would demand that their government respond with the force that is needed to end it completely?

Israel is always in the wrong. It doesn’t matter that they endure the constant bombings, terrorist acts or rockets being shot at their civilian populace and finally after hundreds of attacks and deaths decide to retaliate.

It doesn’t matter that when Israel does retaliate they do so by only targeting those responsible. It doesn’t matter that each and every time they attempt only a ‘surgical strike’, trying at each and every cost to make sure that civilians will not be in the line of fire.

It doesn’t matter that Israel calls telephones in the area with pre-recorded messages in Arabic that warn that they are planning to go in to stop those responsible. It doesn’t matter that these messages include the date, time and location of a pending attack or that the message explains if you are an innocent civilian you need to leave the area for your own safety.

Phone calls were placed during the last major operation in Gaza in 2008. On December 27, around 20,000 phone calls were made throughout the entire Gaza Strip. On December 29, around 10,000 phone calls were made to the residents of Rafah.

The actual telephone messages stated,

“The IDF will hit and destroy any site or building containing ammunition or weapons. As of the publication of this announcement, the life of anyone in whose home ammunition and weapons are to be found is in danger, and he must leave the place for the sake of his own safety and that of his family.”

It doesn’t matter that Israel drops hundreds of thousands of leaflets in Arabic explaining the following: to evacuate buildings where weapons are stored and/or where tunnels have been dug, to move to the center of towns or to instruct its residents to listen to IDF advisories and avoid interaction with terrorist elements.

During December of 2008 and January of 2009 the number of leaflets dropped. On December 28, 300,000 leaflets were dropped throughout the entire Gaza Strip. On December 29, 80,000 leaflets were dropped in Rafah. On January 3, 300,000 leaflets were dropped in the entire Gaza Strip, especially in the northern and eastern parts. On January 5, 300,000 leaflets were dropped in Gaza City, Khan Yunis and Rafah.

The leaflets stated the following,

“To the residents of the Gaza Strip

The IDF will act against any movements and elements conducting terrorist activities against the residents of the State of Israel.

The IDF will hit and destroy any building or site containing ammunition and weapons. As of the publication of this announcement, anyone having ammunition and/or weapons in his home is risking his life and must leave the place for the safety of his own life and that of his family.

You have been warned.”

As if that is not enough, it doesn’t matter that Israel breaks into local radio transmissions on the radio stations of Radio Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Radio and Radio PFLP to issue warnings,

A military announcement -

The IDF will act against any organizations and elements carrying out terrorist activities against the residents of the State of Israel.

The IDF will hit and destroy any building or site containing ammunition, weapons or tunnels.

As of the issuing of this announcement, anyone having ammunition and/or weapons or a tunnel in his home is risking his life and must leave the place for his own safety and that of his family.

You have been warned.

With all these advanced warnings, it doesn’t matter. Israel is at fault.

Stories of those not wanting to heed the warnings have been on Israeli television,

Israeli TV also reported that minutes before the targeted killing of a Hamas terrorist in his apartment or home, all the neighbors get a phone call warning them to get out of the area. Some of the defiant ones go to the roof hoping to dissuade the IDF from firing at which point a small, a harmless missile is fired to a corner of the roof. This convinces the defiant to get away. Then and only then is the hit performed.

After an operation by Israel, it doesn’t matter that those injured in any attack are flown out and treated in Israel by the best doctors in the best hospitals in the Middle East. Both civilians and terrorists are treated in standard ‘triage’ according to the injuries often being treated before Israeli soldiers,

Ha'emek Hospital in Afula, Israel, a mere 10 miles from the battle in the West Bank town of Jenin where 23 IDF soldiers were killed, was in the eye of the storm throughout the entire Jenin operation, according to Dr. Eran Halperin, the hospital's director.

Ha'emek received many of the wounded, most of them flown in by helicopter from Jenin, as the battle within the camp raged. Palestinians, including injured security prisoners under heavy guard, were tended to, side-by-side with Israelis and with no discrimination, by the hospital's staff.

I do not recall any other country or military in history that goes to such lengths to offer advance warnings to attempt to keep civilians out of harm’s way. Dropping leaflets, calling home and cell phones, breaking into local radio broadcasts, yet, it doesn’t matter. Israel is at fault.

Unfortunately this has been going on for years, but now it has truly gotten to the point of enough is enough.

At the time when lived in Israel there was no Palestinian Authority (PA), the PA was not even established until after the Oslo accords in 1994. One could argue that it has become worse for both sides since those living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip began to govern themselves.

The number of attacks on Israel and its casualties certainly speak to this fact. But what is more, those that I have spoken to who currently live or have lived in the West Bank or Gaza have told me that things “were better under Israeli rule, things definitely got worse after Arafat”.

The so called ‘Arab Spring’, that was supposed to bring ‘Democracy’ to the Middle East has made matters worse for Israel. Since the ouster of Mubarak the Muslim Brotherhood has political hold of Egypt; they have their new ‘Freedom and Justice Party’ and Israel is being called the enemy once again. So much for freedom or justice.

The U.S. in its infinite wisdom has not only recognized the new MB political party in Egypt, but as has been reported, “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ordered U.S. Diplomats to resume contact with the Islamist group”.

Smuggled weapons have been finding their way through Egypt and the Sinai desert to be used in acts of terror against Israel. Not only have Israeli civilians and soldiers been murdered by these weapons, but as investigations have revealed,

Most of the weapons come from Iran via Sudan, but more recently, arms taken from Libyan army depots left unguarded due to that country’s civil war have also arrived.

Speaking of Libya, another example of the Arab Spring and its Democracy, now that NATO with U.S. backing has gotten rid of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has imposed Sharia (Islamic) law and the flag of Al Qaeda is flying proudly over government buildings there,

The black flag of Al Qaeda was hoisted in Libya yesterday as Nato formally ended its military campaign. The standard fluttered from the roof of the courthouse in Benghazi, where the country’s new rulers have imposed sharia law since seizing power.

After years of Israel screaming to the world that Iran is in the process of building a nuclear weapon and the U.S. has time and time again stated that was not the case, after Obama’s “unprecedented pressure” and sanctions against Iran, now a U.S. official states that Iran is a bigger threat than Al Qaeda,

“The biggest threat to the United States and to our interests and to our friends … has come into focus and it’s Iran,” said the U.S. military official, addressing a forum in Washington. Reporters were allowed to cover the event on condition the official not be identified.

Iran has missiles that place all of Israel within its reach, if the U.S. thinks that Iran is a bigger threat to its security than Al Qaeda let’s remember that Israel is one missile away from possible inhalation by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Ahmadinejad has only being saying for years now,

that Israel should be “wiped out from the map,” insisting that a new series of attacks will destroy the Jewish state.

Israel just negotiated with Hamas, yes, with a terrorist organization hell bent on its destruction and traded 1027 terrorists in Israeli prisons for one Israeli soldier. I am glad that Gilad Shalit is finally home with his family, but as I stated in my article on this,

“This should not even be called a “deal.” It is nothing of the sort. If anything, it should be called a “bargain with the Devil”.

At what point will Israel and its leaders realize that no matter what they do, it doesn’t matter in the world’s eyes and they need to stop trying to please the world and do what is necessary for the security and safety of its own people?

At this point I for one think that Israel needs to just take off the gloves and treat those who want war with exactly what they want. It’s called survival.

Do what any other sovereign nation would do and go in to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and deal with the issue once and for all. Use their words,

“There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”

Don’t pull out after a week or month. Use the entire strength and might of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Stay and complete the mission, get it done and - if need be - level the whole area.

After all, it doesn’t matter.

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  • Ann Vander Leest  - The right thing to do

    I hate the subject but, this is my favorite article. Its not out of fear or animosity, its just enough, and get it over with. I think people are weary of being targeted and minced up, slowly. We know that there is a race ready to start and we've been left standing at the gate way too long. thanks, Gadi.

  • Patricia Traeger  - Enough!

    :( My heart goes out to Israel for all they have suffered and having to deal with the threats of their enemies on a daily basis; having to lose so many lives when all they want is peace.

    However, I'm with you, Gadi. I love Israel because they are a kind and peace-loving nation and because they are God's chosen people, but how many of them are going to be killed by bombs and rockets aimed directly at them before they retaliate in like? The Arabs and the Muslim Brotherhood couldn't care less about negotiations or living in peace. Their sole objective is to destroy Israel; they don't want her to even exist. It doesn't matter to them how much Israel suffers; they just want to see Israel wiped off the map. Period.
    Israel's enemies are way beyond reasoning and negotiating with. They place no value on human life which is evident with all the suicide bombings that have taken place in the name of Allah. The Arabs, the Muslim Brotherhood and all those who have ties with Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, including our non-illustrious president are enemies of the people, anyone who doesn't agree with them.... the infidels.
    I, too, say enough is enough! Israel really needs to take the gloves off and stick it to their enemies. They have the military ability; the IDF could handle it. The terrorism, the daily attacks, struggles just to keep Israel safe from their surrounding neighbors has gotten way out of hand. I am a great supporter of Israel, but everytime I hear about more attacks on them and more people getting killed, needlessly, it breaks my heart and I wonder how long will it be before her enemies finally win? I know they are a strong nation and a strong people, but they aren't dealing with just one enemy; they are surrounded by them.
    I know Israel doesn't want to spill innocent blood, but look how many innocent Israeli people have lost their lives in the continuing rocket attacks.
    I pray that,somehow,Israel will see that they are fighting a losing battle unless and until they use their fighting forces and let their enemies know that they are no longer going to be threatened and attacked again and again.

  • vin ienco

    Succint and poignant. Enough IS enmough my friend. G-d bless and protect Israel and her people.

  • EMA  - Level?

    How many times we have thought the same thing...level the place! Is this humanitarian? Who cares anymore? Israel is always wrong - no matter how many times they "give in" to the politicians and world opinion!
    Let's all think on this a moment - enough!
    I agree with you, Gadi - even though it seems a bit on the strong side - it's time for some real action on the part of our Israeli friends.
    Thanks again for a fine article.

  • YJ Draiman  - When enough is enough – Israel it is time to take

    When enough is enough – Israel it is time to take off the gloves and defend your citizens - no holds barred.

    No sane country in the world would stand for hundreds of missiles fired at her citizens in a few days without an extreme response. The hell with world opinion or the leftist distorted Media. People respect a country that defends its citizens and not put it citizens in harms way.

    This is the results of years of concessions by Israel. To the Palestinian Arabs a concession is a sign of weakness.

    When Israel had the policy of retaliating with a heavy hand many years ago, this escalation would have never happened.

    I would like to see us Americans tolerate hundreds of missiles coming at us across our borders and bombing our territories our schools and our homes.

    The outcry by the American population would be respond with extreme power and stop the missiles, no matter what the cost.

    In 1962 the Russians put missiles in Cuba without firing on the United States that almost started a nuclear World War 3.

    Let the action begin.

    I strongly support an extremely strong action against terrorism and missiles.

    YJ Draiman. Los Angeles, CA

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