:x :angry-red: huh?? After evidence in mumbai, mali, london bombings, 9/11 world trade centre bombing in the 1990"s the list goes on--??? Is Obama right out of his skull?--or was he given lots of campaign money?? or has his family members overseas been given death threats (extortion) I am looking for excuses for obama's ineptitude--or is it appeasement--or is he just a sociopath? Did the muslim brotherhood say they will renounce violence if Israel is on the list?? all the evidence of the suicide bombings.IS OBAMA HISTORY DEFICIENT--FAILED OSLO ACCORD? IN OTHER NEWS IT STATED THAT SOME PROPERTIES OF MOSQUES IN THE USA WERE GOING TO BE CONFISCATED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AS TERROR SPONSORING TO IRAN.??? ALSO IT STATES IN THE Q"URAN THAT IT IS OKAY TO LIE FOR THE NAME OF ALLAH--IS OBAMA NOT AWARE OF THIS?? HOW CAN HE TRUST THEM??????????? :(